Screen Talent with Gamified Workplace Simulations

Don’t stop at interviews. Let candidates show what they can do in our realistic office simulation. We test candidates from every angle to deliver you the sharpest insights with a fun, fast and realistic assessment.

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We’re on a mission to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of smart hiring.

Xeurix understands that hiring the right candidate is about finding the right combination of skills and personality, and not any of these alone.

All-in-One Testing

Test personality, soft skills, reasoning and technical skills all at once so we get multiple data points from different tasks.

Save candidates time and handle all assessments in one place.

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3D Gamification

Fully engage candidates with gamified tasks that simulate real life. No more multiple choice questions.

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Intuitive Analytics

Let our system guide you to the best candidates for the job. No more sifting through CV’s.

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How it works?

Xeurix is not a black box. Our technology is transparent and empowers recruiters and hiring managers to make better decisions.

Recruiters tailor an assessment and invite applicants.

Applicants complete the assessment remotely.

Recruiters examine assessment analytics and make a hiring decision.

Time Saved

Money Saved

How many candidates do you assess annually?


Questions and Answers

Listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

Our 3D gamified assessments use 3D graphics that simulate being on the job as much as possible

Unlike other assessments, we don’t just rely on self reports via multiple choice questions, or abstract games. We look at how candidates perform in real life situations- and in multiple scenarios.

No, candidates can access Xeurix via web browser.

Xeurix measures candidates’ key traits and abilities from multiple data points. This means we analyze everything from behavioral data to direct skillsets and natural conversations to ensure our conclusions are as fair and accurate as possible.

Yes! Recruiters and hiring managers can decide which aspects are most important to measure and build their own tasks.

Yes. Recruiters and hiring managers each have a dashboard from which they can collaborate.


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